Disney’s streaming platforms are now stepping up their game against sharing passwords

Disney has updated the language on its three streaming platforms in order to restrict the sharing of passwords outside of each user’s individual account.

A message sent to subscribers by Disney-owned Hulu on Wednesday explains that they will begin to limit account sharing for both prior and current subscribers starting from March 14. These changes will also apply to new subscribers from last week.

Disney+ and ESPN+ have also made amendments to their user agreements to reflect the modifications to account sharing, although the exact timing of these changes is unclear. CNN was the first to report on the new language.

At this time, a Disney representative has not provided a comment in response to a request on the matter. However, Disney CEO Bob Iger alluded to the initiative to restrict account sharing during a company earnings call last August.

“In the year 2024, we will address this issue,” stated Iger. “We have made it a top priority and believe there is an opportunity here to enhance our business growth.”
Efforts to combat unauthorized sharing of Disney+ accounts specifically contribute to Iger’s objective of making the streaming service profitable by the end of 2024.
These actions are in response to Netflix’s announcement in April that it would implement additional charges for account sharing. Last month, Netflix reported its highest-ever quarterly growth in subscribers.

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